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Kika Estarellas

Architect and Co-Founder of BONBA studio_WELL AP

Kika brings fifteen-plus years of experience as an architect and interior designer to the table. She is passionate about creativity and the relationship with her clients, perhaps owing to her fascination with cooking and the connections that happen around a table. Her experience working at studios in Barcelona, Paris and London has given her a broad perspective on design.

She doesn’t shy away from colour, and she dislikes boredom.

She is driven by a passion for creating timeless spaces that make a life well lived possible.

Alex Llusià

Architect and Co-Founder of BONBA studio_ PGDip REHAB

Alex is an architect and co-founder of BONBA studio. With over fifteen years of experience as an architect at his back and following stints at studios in Barcelona, Madrid and London, he has discovered that he is passionate about every aspect of design and how every image, object and space can make an impact on people’s lives.

He thrives on being both conceptual and pragmatic. He has a keen interest in the finer details of design and is involved at every stage of the process to ensure that the designs he creates are fully brought to life.

Self-criticism is his best friend, and he loathes the word trend.


Natalia Calpe _ Interior Designer

Marta Guixé _ Architect

Íñigo Tudanca _ Architect

Alèxia Simó _ Architecture Student

Sabrina Bordini _ Architect

Sabrina Zúñiga _ Architect

Lorena Martínez _ Interior Dseign Student


Ferran Bermejo _ Structural Consulting

Eduardo Ramis _ Structural Consulting

HIMA Estructuras _ Structural Consulting

SJ12 Enginyers _ Engineering & Sustainability Consulting 

Gratti Enginyeria _ Engineering & Sustainability Consulting

SM Enginyeria _ Engineering & Sustainability Consulting

Sinophos Group _ Engineering Consulting

Joan Carles González Penalva _ Architectural Engineer

Xisco Caimari _ Architectural Engineer

about us

We’re Kika and Àlex, and we’d like to tell you what BONBA studio is, how we got here, and what we have to offer.

Co-founders of our own architecture and design studio, we base our work on three core aspects:

This is the way we work because our goal is to craft architectural spaces that deliver customer satisfaction and well-being through timeless, exclusive and unique design grounded in innovation and scientific criteria.

And to achieve this goal, we are guided by values that we tirelessly celebrate: well-being, empathy, innovation, customer service, science and timeless design.

If you share these values and like what we have to offer, we invite you to take a look at our work through this website and discover what BONBA studio’s architecture is all about.

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