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In a world dominated by standard solutions, by trends, by one size fits all, we offer something different.

We offer singular, exclusive, timeless designembodied in an entirely unique building fully tailored to your vision, a design that goes beyond trends. Drawing from numerous multicultural influences, international experiences, an innovative spirit and approach to architecture, we craft a distinctive, tailor-made product for every client.

Each of our designs promotes well-being and health, resulting in buildings that nurture those who use them through positive experiences, sensations and emotions. We draw on our WELL certification, which provides evidence-based tools that measure how buildings impact health, and on our commitment to our clients. This ensure that we put people at the heartof what we do.

We do all this by delivering a holistic service that includes architecture, interior design and decoration. Our experience in these fields gives us access to an extensive range of solutions, suppliers, products and possibilities. The result? A comprehensive, harmonious concept right down to the last detailso that everything adds up.

creative process

Slow-cooked projects with well-being at the centre

The first and most interesting ingredient in the creative process is the opportunity we have to meet new people and bring our expertise to bear to help make their dreams come true.

A bond is created from the moment a client first contacts us about a potential architectural, interior design or décor project – a bond that starts out raw but begins to warm up as we get to know and understand the client’s needs. Things start cooking over a low flame as a design with the client’s well-being as the focus begins to take shape; it’s crucial that the client feels a sense of identification with all the ingredients in the design.

Aesthetics and function: projects that look and feel good

Always rooted in creativity, our designs push the boundaries; like a roller coaster that twists and turns along a track without going off the rails, our projects follow the desires of each client as we get to know them, discovering what they like best, what makes them tick. We harness these requirements as they lead us to great ideas that go beyond aesthetic trends that come and go.

We’re all about making our projects look and feel good, because we believe not only in the impact that aesthetics can have, but also in the role that every detail plays in creating a sense of well-being.

Finally, the result: a singular, unique, timeless design that delights both the client and us as architects.

how do we work?

1_ Have we met?

We want to get to know you and your needs, , and we’re here to listen. Let us know what you need—a house, a renovation, an updated look for your restaurant or hotel—and we’ll let you know what steps we need to take.

2_ We explore your needs

Where do you envision your design? From a plot of land to a certain space, let us know (always free of charge!) and if you don’t have a spot in mind and need us to help you find it, we can do that, too. Just let us know and we’ll be happy to search for the best fit for you.

Once we’ve seen the site, we’ll look into the regulations and requirements to find out if we can turn your dreams into reality. Once the feasibility is established, we’ll come up with a schedule for the project, calculate the fees, draft the design and submit everything to you in a written contract.

3_ Design

We’ll hold a series of workshopmeetings with you to get to know you better, to learn about your wants, concerns, tastes, priorities… so that we can then shape the ideas that develop.

After we’re clear on exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll submit a design proposal. Because of the work we’ve done during the workshops, we know the proposal will be exactly what you’re looking for, and we’ll also send along technical plans, reference images and renders to help you conceptualise everything better.

Once you’ve given the go-ahead, we’ll put together all the documentationneeded to apply for the corresponding permits, as well as all the technical drawings and spec sheets so that we can start requesting quotes from the corresponding bidders.

4_ Construction

If you already have a builder in mind, that’s perfect! If not, we’ll help you find the right fit for your project. We’ll keep track of prices and deadlines to make sure that everything is clear and help you draft the relevant contracts so that the deliverables are met.

Once construction starts, we’ll make sure that everything is executed according to our design.

And we’ll make weekly visits to ensure that the project runs smoothly, managing both the costs and the delivery times to keep everything on track.


We also like to think about the finished projects and how you’re going to experience and use them, which is why we incorporate interior design into our architectural work. We’ll help you pick out materials, finishes and lighting for your home.

We can also help you with the décor, because after going through the entire construction process together we’ll be tapped into your tastes and preferences. We’ll help you choose and pick out everything from textiles to furniture to all those details that help create the style of your home.

If you’re not sure which service best suits your needs or you’re looking for something even more tailor-made, let us know and we’ll get it done for you.

about our work


We mean that your house, hotel, restaurant or whatever space you need isn’t going to be like all the rest. Ever flip through a magazine and get the feeling that it all looks the same? That the market is always regurgitating the same thing? Then the uniqueness we offer is what you’re looking for. No two house should be the same because no two people or their lives are the same. Hotels, retail spaces and offices shouldn’t be the same, because every business is different. Offering distinctive experiences to customers and users is a valuable asset.

It is a seal of quality that gives you the assurance that your design complies with evidence-based scientific requirements that guarantee the health and wellness of users above and beyond the norm. That translates into an enhanced experience in your home or when your clients or partners visit your office that isn’t easy to forget. Likewise, the building will take care of your health thanks to the quality of the air, the materials that respect the human body, the lighting, the connection with nature… All of this based on scientific criteria and tools.

No, probably not. We can assure you that the investment you make will match the value you receive, and that it will be just that: an investment that will pay off for the rest of your life. The dedication we put into your project, the quality of the solutions we deliver and our outstanding service down to the last detail ensures that every euro you invest will be very well rewarded.

No, there is no cost. Feel free to write or call us to tell us what you need.

The mission of interior architecture is to define the interior layout and the different finishes, while decoration deals with decorating the space with surface elements such as lighting, equipment, etc. that help shape a space and create ambience.

At BONBA studio we like to think about how people are going to live in the spaces we create, which is why we take a holistic approach to architecture and interior details. We believe that the décor and furnishings are what end up giving that personal touch to a space, so we can also help you with the interior design aspect of your project as part of our holistic approach to service.