The commission for this project involved the renovation of a hotel that included both the rooms and the common areas for a new, avant-garde style.

The objective of this project was to rediscover the experience and the concept of a coastal or beach hotel. Architecture and decoration are key pieces for transmitting fresh sensations to the client.

A concept with a story to tell, inspired by sunrises and sunsets over the Mediterranean and its seabed.

The moment that marks the beginning of the pre-dawn sunrise is recognised by the appearance of indirect sunlight that scatters in the earth’s atmosphere.

We delight in the colours that are created in these moments in the sky over the horizon; oranges, blues, and coral tones create a cheerful, relaxed atmosphere.

A unique value-laden experience that offers guests the opportunity to relax and unwind.

This experience is coupled with a commitment to sustainability, using healthy materials and an eco-friendly approach.

A proposal for a space that combines wellness, health, performance and design.