PRO 529

Dynamism / Coordination / Versatility / Circulation

As far as the floor plan is concerned, the spaces were treated in such a way that the entrance invites the public to enter the premises and become part of the Cross Fit community, where they can enjoy moments of socialisation, conversation and fun.

The sequence of the space starts at the main entrance, which not only has a reception area but is connected to a lounge/social area and bar space designed to invite and attract the attention of passers-by, so that it functions as a point of attraction.

Most of the layout is coordinated by a space that is freestanding from the existing structure found around the central hub of the building.

The changing room area, which serves as a connector between the physical part of the centre and the reception are, is housed here.

At the end is a large “open box” space that serves as a transition between the Cross Fit area and the personal training and rehabilitation area.