Since time immemorial, people have attributed magical properties to Amber, a kind of fossilized resin formed millions of years ago.

Amber differs in shape, colour and the degree of transparency. The shape of an amber piece was determined by where the oleoresin was flowing from. It was going on either inside or on the sur-face of the trunk of a damaged tree. In case of the abundant dis­charge the resin was flowing down as drops, icicles, inleakages..

As we have developed the project we have attempted to maintain and reinforce the ideas which flowed from responding to these generating concepts.

The development has adopted anenergy hierarchy to promote cost effective and efficient solutions. This includes prioritising the need to reduce energy use first, followed by using energy more efficiently, and then supplying this energy from renewable sources.  The key elements proposed in terms of low energy and passive design are as follows:

  • Building orientated to maximise benefical solar gain
  • Building positioned to minimise wind tunnelling and eddying
  • Optimised glazing to reduce heat gain and heat loss
  • Enhances levels of insulation in walls, roofs and floors
  • Solar shading to reduce summer heat gain
  • Airtight construction with low heat low parameters.

The proposal is composed of different spaces that put guests in a privileged atmosphere from which to enjoy panoramic views of the site, experience the Spa, eat in a variety of restaurats, and stay in this embodiment of the avant-garde design drenched by organic de­tails.

Design Brief The Baltic Gold Hotel scheme proposal includes the following mix of uses:

  • 450 Bedroom 5* Hotel with Spa
  • Multi-purpose Level
  • Restaurants
  • Fitness Center
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Congress Center for 500 people
  • Ground Floor Retail
  • Public Gallery at the Ground Floor
  • Open air venue
  • Cycle Storage