The owner of this 80 m2 flat wanted a radical change that would involve incorporating more space and making it more intimate. The starting point was a house with a structure and layout that dated back to the mid-80s, when it was built.

The renovation design incorporated a series of major changes that made it possible to expand the central part of the home. One of the rooms was eliminated to create a bigger kitchen with a new layout, and more open space was created in the heart of the home, expanding the hallway and letting in more natural light.

The interior spaces feature an eclectic décor in warm, bright colours that are reflected throughout the entire house, unifying the different rooms in a harmonious style with a Nordic flair. Doors and skirting were painted turquoise to add a pop of colour.

A 12-metre-long custom-made base unit serves as a link between the entrance, hall, dining room and living room, also providing a sense of spaciousness and cohesion. This unit is supplemented in the hallway with an open 3-metre shelving unit.

The kitchen, with white furniture and black handles, remains visually connected to the dining room through a door and a transparent glass window that also make it possible to shut off the dining room as a separate room, according to the client’s wishes. Both areas are also connected by the use of the same ceramic tiles.