NEXO 1.0

Project: Development of an avant-garde space that represents the essential values ​​of Nexolub through the use of the corporate colour and materials.

The project is divided into different areas: entrance, coffee area, working area, head office and meeting room. All of them are linked together by a “Nexo”, a petrol blue skin, the company’s corporate colour. The skin is formed by textured wood panels, wooden strips that go up and down to create an arrow pattern and which also contain magnetic boards, one of them including a world map, which the client uses as a work tool.

Access to the offices as a central hub that divides the work area with the meeting room and the main office has been created using varnished OSB wood panels that separate the entrance to the space.

The flooring is a grey carpet that unifies and lends a sense of refinement to the space.

In general, the furniture (tables and chairs) is in pure white to not detract from the skin. To set reception apart, however, both the counter and chair are black.

In terms of lighting, the sign with the backlit company logo provides indirect light to the entrance. On the stairs three ‘Parentesis’ ceiling lamps are placed at different levels and fill the space with simplicity. Surface lights installed linearly mark the central axis of the office. The lamps on the tables are Silo-trio from Zero-lighting, a nod to the lubricant containers of yesteryear. And linear LED lights are used for the whiteboards.