NEXO 2.0

In a chamfered 1940s building on Barcelona’s Diagonal, we find the new headquarters of the Nexolub company, which will have more than 10 employees.

The office is located on the building’s main floor and boasts 4-metre-high ceilings and huge windows.

An open-plan floor with more than 300 m2 of space divided into two rings separated by the building’s load-bearing wall, one of which is on the exterior façade and the other facing the interior courtyard.

This is the reason why it was decided to organise the project into two zones: zone 1 is the reception, meeting room, work area, and videoconference room, while zone 2 is a multipurpose central space and office.

One of the goals of the project was to design a comfortable environment that fosters collaboration, productivity, and well-being by applying WELL criteria.