This flat is in one of the oldest areas of Barcelona, ​​in an old building in the Raval neighbourhood that dates back to 1862.

The client, a young couple, wanted to renovate the flat so that they could rent it out as an investment property.

For this reason, we delivered a “low-cost” renovation that still had character to give the flat added value.

We worked with a rectangular floor plan between structural walls, very compartmentalised, where the only light came in through the façade and a bit through the interior patio.

The entrance to the flat, which opened directly into the kitchen/dining room, and a dark hallway leads to the different windowless rooms and then the gallery at the back of the flat.

In the new design, all the walls are torn down, exposing the old wooden beams and the load-bearing wall of the façade that overlooks the gallery.

To distribute the new space, we decided to draw a diagonal, a space that hides the bedroom, bathroom, and storage cabinets as well as the niche for the TV and a fridge, as the key piece of the project. This diagonal element divides the space into day and night and maximises the entry of light in both areas. We decided to paint this volume in a pale pink that made it stand out, with details such as the handles or the shelf in varnished MDF.

There is an open kitchen off the living room with a peninsula finished in wood at the end. We decided to unify kitchen and gallery with terracotta coloured stoneware tiles, and a long shelf in varnished MDF.

The kitchen furniture is lacquered in white with the handles, which is the detail that is repeated throughout the project. The terracotta colour predominated in the existing hydraulic tiles on the gallery floor and we decided to keep them as a memento.

The existing wooden arch windows are preserved and emphasised by repeating them in the hallway and in the window of the structural wall that provides access to the gallery area.

The clients wanted a second room, and since there were not enough square metres, we proposed turning the gallery into a multifunctional space, which would serve both as a reading area, a dining area, or a small bedroom in case a guest wanted to stay for the night.

The bathroom is polyhedral in shape, and we also decided to give it a touch of colour, placing the same terracotta coloured stoneware tile.

The flooring throughout the house is a ceramic tile in imitation light grey terrazzo.

The client, incredibly happy with the result, ultimately decided to move in instead of renting it.